July 2019

Blue Beetle Technology

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Project Details

Founded in 2019, Blue Beetle Technology is a Web Technology Company focused on helping small businesses and community organizations enact the change they wish to see in their community by leveraging online technology in an impactful way. Starting with a small server, I added minimal custom development, enabled fresh delivery of code through automatic deployments, and organized the project's codebase in 3 different layers: Theme; App (WordPress, Plugins); Deployment (Dev,Staging,Prod). Monthly ongoing costs average less than $5.

Project Highlights

This website leverages WordPress to manage content along with plugins and integrations like: Advanced Custom Fields; Ninja Forms; Sparkpost; Gutenberg Editor with custom ACF Blocks.

Built With

WordPress Sage Bedrock TailwindCSS ES6 Advanced Custom Fields Blade Templates JavaScript SCSS CSS Custom Blocks